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KGS Winterthur

KGS Winterthur, a municipal day time special needs school, commissioned us to develop a new visual identity, including web design and programming.



KGS Winterthur logo sketches "giving direction" KGS Winterthur logo development KGS Winterthur logo sketches "transparency" KGS Winterthur logo development



After an initial meeting and brainstorming phase, we presented two different design options to the client .

The guiding theme of the first option was «giving direction», and the focus of the second was on «transparency», both of which are fundamental school values. After thorough evaluation, the KGS team selected «transparency».

In a second design phase, we played around with the letters K, G, and S, as well as with the element «window», which we incorporated as a metaphor for transparency. We then succeeded in bringing the various components into harmony.

KGS Winterthur logo KGS Winterthur logo construction

After another round devoted to the color scheme, we presented a final logo design to the client.

The new logo for KGS is based on a systematic, well-crafted grid. It’s fresh, a bit playful and well balanced, which perfectly represents the values and objectives of the school.

Colors KGS Winterthur Typefont KGS Winterthur

Upon acceptance of the new logo, we compiled the design specifications and basic parameters of the new visual identity into a simple design manual, ensuring a uniform appearance for KGS Winterthur in the future.

Among various other things, fonts and colors for all print materials and digital publications are defined in this brand manual, making future communications uniform and easy to develop.

Letterhead, business cards, envelopes, KGS Winterthur Business cards KGS Winterthur, Stadt Winterthur

As part of this assignment, we also designed all stationery (e.g., business cards, letterheads, greeting cards and envelopes) in line with the new visual language for KGS Winterthur.



Webdesign KGS Winterthur, Stadt Winterthur
KGS Winterthur, Webdesign, KGS futura Webdesign KGS Winterthur

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