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We developed a brand-new visual identity for Hostfactory, a leading Swiss hosting provider, as well as the UX/UI design for their new website.

The evolution from the old Hostfactory-logo – to the new Hostfactory-brand, presented in an animation format. It’s not only times and markets that change, but also target audiences.

Corporate Brand


Corporate Brand


As with all of our creative processes, first came the brainstorming phase, wherein we sketched several design options.

The client’s specifications pertained to a focus on «Swissness» while incorporating the existing red and black colors. The goal was to ensure brand recognition for existing users, so the name «Hostfactory» had to be distinctly legible in the new branding.

The rebranding was perfected through several rounds of presentations, and before long, the new «Hostfactory» brand was born.

The use of capital letters gives the brand a dominant effect. This aesthetic was explored in collaboration with the client during the concept design stage, and was strategically implemented into the new brand.

During the final fine-tuning process, we succeeded in providing a harmonious balance between the individual letters, due in large part to the pixel-perfect kerning. The final logo appears well balanced and deliberate.

In order to guarantee a consistent «Hostfactory» brand appearance in the future, we concluded our engagement with the development of a brand manual.

This corporate design manual includes detailed information on fonts, colors, logo spacing, logo applications, and more.

Additionally, we designed all stationary for Hostfactory, to include business cards, letterheads, invoice templates and envelopes.

We also consulted with the client on the paper choice and finishing technology, drawing from our vast knowledge and experience to help the client make informed decisions that suited their goals and budget.



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