The Project Scope:

Implementation of a new visual identity for Von Känel Bau GmbH.

8chDesign was commissioned by the Von Känel Bau GmbH to develop a new visual identity, including website and social media presence.

At a kick-off meeting we first discussed and clarified the needs and goals of the client and then jointly agreed on a strategy. The development of a new logo followed and was documented in several posts on our Facebook page. Our client chose to visualize the letter K in a mosaic-style – in reference to their frequent work with natural stones, a Von Känel Bau GmbH specialty. The logo is complemented by heavy lettering.

In addition to the typical stationary, such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes, we also designed a newspaper ad for the construction company. Furthermore, we created a new Facebook page for this company as well as a new, simple website.

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