The Project Scope:

The creation of a Wall Design for Florint with tailor made specifications for use at trade fairs.

We have designed and created a 12m wide Wall Design for the florist organisation Florint. This was presented to the public for the first time at the IFTF 2016 floristry trade fair in the Netherlands.

The aim was to portray the members of Florint’s 20 national floristry associations against the backdrop of an enlarged European map. In front of the 2.5m high wall, a lounge area was placed, which reduced the space available to design the wall by about half its size, to 12m x 1.25m.

As part of the creation of this Wall Design, we first sketched a design of the lounge area to give the client a first impression. The visualisation of the various national floristry associations took place afterwards, making use of the flags of the participating countries, the individual logos of the associations as well as the national flowers of each country.

The layout of the various elements of the Wall Design was created on a well thought-out grid structure ensured that visitors to the exhibition could easily view the whole wall in one glance.